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Earthquakes in our area.

Are there patterns to where Earthquakes occur?

The following is a list of the largest earthquakes recorded.  Is there a pattern to their distribution
May 22, 1960ValdiviaChile1960 Valdivia earthquake9.5
March 27, 1964Prince William SoundAlaskaUSA1964 Alaska earthquake9.2
December 26, 2004Indian OceanSumatraIndonesia2004 Indian Ocean earthquake9.1–9.3
November 4, 1952KamchatkaRussia (then USSR)1952 Kamchatka earthquakes9.0[2]
March 11, 2011Pacific OceanTōhoku regionJapan2011 Tōhoku earthquake9.0[3][4][5]
November 25, 1833SumatraIndonesia1833 Sumatra earthquake8.8–9.2 (est.)
January 31, 1906Ecuador – Colombia1906 Ecuador-Colombia earthquake8.8
February 27, 2010MauleChile2010 Chile earthquake8.8
January 26, 1700Pacific Ocean, USA and Canada1700 Cascadia earthquake8.7–9.2 (est.)[6]
July 8, 1730ValparaisoChile1730 Valparaiso earthquake8.7–9.0 (est.)[7]
November 1, 1755Atlantic OceanLisbonPortugal1755 Lisbon earthquake8.7 (est.)[8]
February 4, 1965Rat IslandsAlaskaUSA1965 Rat Islands earthquake8.7
July 9, 869Pacific Ocean, Tōhoku regionJapan869 Sanriku earthquake8.6 (est.)
October 28, 1707Pacific Ocean, Shikoku regionJapan1707 Hōei earthquake8.6 (est.)
August 15, 1950AssamIndia – TibetChina1950 Medog earthquake8.6
March 9, 1957Andreanof IslandsAlaskaUSA1957 Andreanof Islands earthquake8.6
March 28, 2005SumatraIndonesia2005 Sumatra earthquake8.6
August 13, 1868AricaChile (then Peru)1868 Arica earthquake8.5–9.0 (est.)[9]
December 16, 1575ValdiviaChile (Kingdom of Chile)1575 Valdivia earthquake8.5 (est.)
October 20, 1687LimaPeru (Viceroyalty of Peru)1687 Peru earthquake8.5 (est.)
May 24, 1751Concepción, Chile (Kingdom of Chile)1751 Concepción earthquake8.5 (est.)
November 11, 1922Atacama RegionChile1922 Vallenar earthquake8.5 [10]
February 3, 1923KamchatkaRussia (USSR)1923 Kamchatka earthquakes8.5 [11]
February 1, 1938Banda SeaIndonesia (Dutch East Indies)1938 Banda Sea earthquake8.5
October 13, 1963Kuril IslandsRussia (USSR)1963 Kuril Islands earthquake8.5 [11]
November 1, 1755LisbonPortugal1755 Lisbon earthquake8.5–9.0 (est.)
September 12, 2007SumatraIndonesia2007 Sumatra earthquakes8.5

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