Permission Groups

An email group or permission group is a fast way to send emails to a groups of students, or give them permission to access a file on Google Docs. To start you need a Google Sheet with their name, and google account email address. One quick way to do this is to use a Google Form.
First Name Last Name Period Email Address
Bart Simpson Period 1
Anya Spera Period 1
Lisa Simpson Period 1
Freddie Mercury Period 1
Cliff Hanger Period 1
Dorthy Gale Period 1
Zea Maize Period 1
Leon Jackson Period 1
Kim Sage Period 1

Above is a class of students I have made for this purpose.

Once you have the data collected on your Google Sheet, go to the file menu and click on Download as, Comma separated values (CSV). This will download a CSV to your computer (usually the downloads folder).

To create the group you need to go to your gmail contacts.

Once in your contacts, you can click on the more menu, then click import and select your CVS file. 

By default the contacts are imports into both a import group and "my contacts". Since the My contacts group syncs with my Android phone, I delete students from this list and keep them in there own group. You can rename the group by going to the more menu and selecting rename group

Now when you want to share a document with the entire class, instead of typing each individual email, just type the group name, and it will share it with everyone in that group.