Investigation 3

TitleThe title should be descriptive so others will know what it is about.

Principle(s) Investigated: List all principles that apply to this activity.

Standards : Past in the appropriate California content standards. 

MaterialsInclude a list of materials and sources from which they may be obtained.

ProcedureGive a detailed explanation of the procedure and include diagrams if possible.

Student prior knowledgeWhat prior concepts do students need to understand this activity?

ExplanationGive a thorough explanation of the experiment or demonstration. Your explanation should be written to give your fellow teachers a solid understanding and include greater detail than what you might provide for your secondary students. Make certain to include equations whenever pertinent. 

Questions & Answers: Give three thought-provoking questions and provide detailed answers.

Applications to Everyday Life: Explain (don't just list) three instances where this principle can be used to explain other phenomenon.

Photographs: Include a photograph of you or students performing the experiment/demonstration, and a close-up, easy to interpret photograph of the activity --these can be included later.

Videos: Include links to videos posted on the web that relate to your activity. These can be videos you have made or ones others have made.