Constructing a Questionnaire

  • Construct a questionnaire to get to know your student population.
  • Submit three questions to the database using the live form
  • Open at the questions submitted by your colleagues related database. 
  • Copy the database into your own account (file/copy) so that you own the questions.
  • Open the edit form tool to construct your own unique survey by copying and pasting questions from the database. 
  • The first three questions should be first name, last name, e-mail address.
  • Transform your remaining questions so that it includes at least one of each of the following
    • text 
    • paragraph 
    • mulitple choice
    • check boxes
    • choose from a list
    • scale 
    • grid
  • Conduct the survey by distributing your new live form.
  • Use the summary tool to analyze student input.
  • Include graphs and charts (without student names) that provide a profile of your student population.