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Energy Usage by State

The United States is the second largest user of energy resources in the world. The United States ranks the seventh in per capita energy consumption, not including a large amount of energy used overseas in the production of retail and industrial goods used in the United States. 

The majority of this energy comes from fossil fuels: Data shows that 25% of the nations energy comes from petroleum, 22% from coal, and 22% from natural gas. Nuclear power and renewable energy sources only make up a small portion of energy supplied. In the last fifty years the energy consumption rate has increased faster than domestic energy production. The difference in energy use vs production is made up by imports of foreign fuels.(wikipedia)

According to the Energy Information Administration, The average consumption of energy per capita is 334 million British Thermal Units (BTUs). A break down of the energy consumed per capita by state is found in the link below. What observations and or patterns can you see in the data? Record your observations as directed by your instructor. 
One question that could be asked is: Do cold States use more energy than warm States? What do you think? Let's try to answer that question in the activity below. Your teacher will assign you a State or States to research and collect data. As a class we will graph and decide whether or not our data answers this question.
Does our data support our hypothesis? If not what other explanation can you come up with. Record your ideas as directed by your teacher.

More Data and Resources: